Manchester city have been one of the big spending clubs in Europe over the last five years. They have recently replaced Chelsea as the big spenders in the Premier league, but they have only two trophies to show for their expenditure in the last five years. They have once again spent close to £ 100 million in this summer trying to reclaim the Premier league trophy. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, who was one of the first big-money signings at this club, has questioned the continuous spending of the Middle East owners in the pursuit of trophies.

City are one of the club’s facing the prospect of being eliminated from the European competitions as a result of not obliging with the UEFA financial fair play regulations. Cech has revealed that he is interested as to seeing how city cope with the pressure in the coming season. Unlike in the past, he believes that there will be at least five teams challenging for the Premier league title this season. Manchester United, Manchester city, and Chelsea are the obvious contenders, but he reckons that Arsenal and Tottenham will also have a chance to put up a title challenge as well.

Chelsea’s season starts this match against Premier league newcomers Hull city on August 17.

“I am thinking: ‘You have got a lot of players, let’s see how you are going to deal with it’. City keep spending money and bringing in players so obviously they have the intention of challenging for the title. Manchester United will challenge for the title and I believe that Liverpool and Tottenham will want to improve. Arsenal will want to prove everybody wrong. They will be wanting to prove that they are still hungry for success because the manager is under pressure for results,” said the 30-year-old Czech Republic goalie.