25 Replies to “Italy – World cup 2006 – Highlights”

  1. Do you remember Italy – France on Euro-2000 ? Trezeguet scored the decisive goal.
    But he was to be sent off for a kick in the face Toldo 10 minutes before.

    And now it was precisely Trezeguet failed to score a penalty.
    There is a God in heaven!

  2. actually, inzaghi goals in world cup 2006 is equal with maradona goals in1986, its begin from midfield near kick off line , before you arguing this statement, first of all, you must know character about two of them 🙂

  3. Pirlove – Groso – Zambrotta – Alex Del Piero – Genaro Gattuso – Fabio Canna best player
    Gianluigi Buffon = Super Super Super Superman
    —hadi from Indonesia—

  4. Probably one of the best world cup competitions everyone put everything they had into it… 2010 was boring… 2012 euro’s was boring except for italy vs england and germany… Spain have their golden team now but that will end…

  5. Hahahaha this Spanish team would destroy this World Cup winning tea. Spain has more heart than the Italians.

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