17 Replies to “Police attacks Hooligans at the EURO 2012 (Poland Czech Republik)”

  1. He says the police took a man who did nothing with it and beat up. He says also that they (police) are a whore bandits and who they are (police) that they should defend the law and not break them.

  2. …polish police is the same. It’s not the country, it’s the event. Whole Europe and the whole football-world is watching for poland and how they manage it. If they’d act like they’d usually do, the rest of the world would have a bad image. Watch Sauchy in 2014, bet police will be the same.

  3. Dereliction of Duty —- POLICE – Not wanting to be called racist the police are not arresting Muslims: stone & bottle throwing & assaulting. …. Police not arresting Muslims for harassing non-Muslims in ” no go zones” / hate speech / encouraging killing of others — LAW BREAKING MUSLIMS — Which of the following words best describes the police and its leaders: collusive, treacherous, duplicitous, collaborating, treasonous. And “dereliction of duty”. Police resign now to avoid discipline.

  4. Are guardian of the rights? Are you !!!? He did nothing and you have beaten him with the baton. Go to work! Fuc you do nothing. Fuck . Are you the commander?!! He did nothing and you beat him. Use your eyes.

  5. Poles only are able to shout, it is more than anything.
    And, well still to beat behind ordinary fans as it was before a match with Russia. They escape from fans.

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