17 Replies to “2011 World Cup XC – Val di Sole”

  1. I love these Vid’s, can you tell me which Song it is at the beginning of the Vid?

    Cheers from Germany

  2. when’s the footage of Leadville gonna show up?? Todd and Rebecca did so well I thought for sure I’d see some vids here.

  3. i find more satisfacion in taking my sj fsr exp evo on a xc course rather than bombing dh for 10minutes. no pain no gain ;P

  4. “I like this bike because its really comfortable and really fast”
    “I dont like this course because its really hard to something steep climb”
    that was kinda predictable.

  5. These guys were killer fast up until like 3:30 in the vid.. Then they slowed up!!! i thought this was a pro’s race.. heheh

  6. Congrats to Specialized team! But… No images of sprint in the finish line? Come on man, that was amazing! =(

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