8 Replies to “26min Highlight Show @ UCI MTB WORLD CUP 2011 – Windham – XCO”

  1. Agreed, I think running a little knobbier tire gives you more grip and cornering, you may have a bit more rolling resistance but I”d rather have confidence in the turns than it getting all squirrely on me, the Maxxis Ignitor is a great option up front and with something lean and fast in the back like a Kendra small block 8 or Maxxis Crossamark you’ve got a pretty good combo

  2. It’s all preference. Some people like really skinny tires (i.e. 1.8,1.9) and fast rolling knobs and other like to have a bigger tire in the front with maybe a 2.0 in the back. I personally like to run a 2.25 in the front and a 1.9-2.0 in the back. The combination lets me lean in pretty far on the flat corners without the front washing out and the back is not very heavy. Also Specialized has some really good XC tires and so does WTB.

  3. wnes este video es para todos esos wnes que la unika w-a ke conocen es esa wea de futbol esto si ke es pasion!!!!

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