22 Replies to “The Footy Show – Euro 2012 Quarter-Final: Czech Republic vs. Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. Actually they’re not mainly Benfica fans, but rather fans who saw Oliveira lead the U-20 team to the finals against Brazil. He played and looked like the class centre forward Portugal have been waiting ages for. Unfortunately, he’s only played as a sub at Benfica, so Bento is probably concerned about his fitness for a full 90 minutes, otherwise he’d probably be starting.

  2. sorry but serie a sucks. especially the last 5 years or so. actually i think now its starting to pick it. it seems like the teams are getting stronger and there is more competition. but still the serie a doesn’t have players i enjoy watching.

  3. “A lot of people in Portugal think Almeida should play ahead of Postiga”. That’s no true! A lot of people think Nélson Oliveira should play ahead of Postiga, not Almeida. Postiga has been substituted at the end of every match he played for Portugal on this tournament by Nélson Oliveira, except this one, where he got injured and was replaced by Almeida instead of Oliveira, yet Oliveira isn’t even mentioned here!

  4. I’m fussy about pundit talk as banalities are usually the order of the day but you’re excellent. Well done.

  5. YA! love you guys. ive been watching your vids every night, really enjoying them! good job, great insight!

  6. You guys are great but lets not forget Fabio Coentrao, he has been playing an absolute beauty.

  7. good job guys. I wish the score had english soccer. I sorta stoped paying attention to the score when the score started playing serie a. I don’t really like Italian soccer to be honest. But I always loved the score for soccer, and sid use to be great also to bad he left for sportsnet. But keep up the great work.

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