25 Replies to “Euro 2012 Riot – Russian Fans Attacking Stewards Wroclaw – Russia v Czech Republic”

  1. I wanted too see violence between fans. For example 2 or more people wanting too fight each other. These guys are just beating on people who are very unlikely to retaliate. Lame.

    Put the russian and polish that want too fight in a confined space, and watch them kill them selfs like idiots.

  2. now im confused, the video says russian fans beating stewards, but the woman in the background is screaming “polish bastards, what are you doing”. can someone explain?

  3. Great Polish nation will rise up and destroy the Russian and Ukrainian troublemakers.

  4. Fuck you peace of shit,stupid terrorist American snake,i hope your zionist imperialist neo-nazi new world order country will bankrupt soon.Stupid nation United Satan.


  6. English fans, not British fans in the 80’s. The Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish have never had problems with international hooligans.

  7. russians always gotta start fights and think thier soo tough i hope they go out of the euro

  8. AND SO WHAT?????????????/ DON T YOU REMEBER ITALIAN FANS IN 2004? 2 PEOPEL KILLED?????????????? DONT YOU KNOW BRITISH FANS IN 80-ES ?? shit happens

  9. fuck polish
    Best polish is death polish
    Polish cowards …try to fight CSKA Moscow Hooligans see what happens …faggots

  10. @alekosimba Or the fact that Russia ruled over Poland during the cold war…..

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