25 Replies to “FIFA 12: Euro 2012 Career | Czech Republic v.s. Netherlands | EP03”

  1. hahaha, why should I mention Neymar when you wrote that in you first comment?..stupid
    this shows how mature you are, looking for typos
    And I never said Neymar is shit, did I? I said I didn`t like him.. Two different opinions.

  2. No. First of all, *it’s you didn’t go* *why do you come up with your bullshit* *everything*. Just because you don’t like a player, doesn’t mean he’s shit. Shows what you can say/do even know.

  3. So you didnt went to bed?..
    First of all: Why do you come with your bullshit when you already fucked averything up?.. And why do I have to mention Neymar, when I personally dont like him..? Is that a problem to? .ø You try to win this discussion with bullshit my friend

  4. Well who said spain can’t loose like that or portugal wont win like that? Who wuld have taugth Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup 4-0? Things like that happen but i doubt Portugual woulkdnt win, doesnt mean they would

  5. Mate are you kidding me? The only reason I judged you that way is because you only spoke about the most common brazilian players, you didn’t even mention Neymar, shows what you know. Go back to cross-country skiing

  6. Portugal isn’t good enough and Spain is, even though Portugal beat Spain 4-0 in their last game, well technically 5-0 if there wasn’t bad refereeing, but i think you get what i’m saying…

  7. ahh my god! yeah yeah, you are right about Ronaldinho, but he is still good.. dont blame me for that
    haha, you are probably the most shitty guy ever who thinks that im a fifa player, just because I know a thing or two about football.. dont judge people before knowing them, cause you, right now, just shit yourself..
    everything you write now, can be used against you, so please just turn of the computer and go to bed

  8. just curious. is there anything button to press to make a player to collect the ball after scoring? as shown in video 2:08

  9. Mate, mate, HAVE SOME FUCKING COMMON SENSE! Your really pissing me of with your stupidity. Ronaldinho is washed up, he rushed his career and now look at him, everyone expected too much from him, well done retard, for establishing the fact that you are a retard. Your probably some FIFA playing scum who thinks playing a bit of Fifa makes you a expert

  10. Please!
    Are you really that stupid that you think 25+ is old? haaha, dumb shit!
    And I bet you screw your shit up now, sayin` Ronaldinho is one hell of a shitty player..

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