20 Replies to “Football Predictor – Czech Republic Vs Portugal | 20/06/2012 | EURO 2012 “The Pitch” 1-2?”

  1. I know your not foreign because you sound like a typical English person. Dumb as fuck.

  2. No one does it because it is a shitty idea, and im sorry sir, how would you prefer me to speak ? i dont give a shit if you think i sound foreign.. for all you know i am? fucking spaz, and ignorant ? oh yh… totally! im done with this, you clearly dont see the point im try to make.

  3. Anyone can, but hardly anyone does. Why would he not do it? You are an ignorant twat. BTW read through your text before you hit post. You sound fucking foreign.

  4. your so fucking stupid man, you dont the point im trying to make, i like him and his content but this series is to easy to make an upload to make money, anyone can talk about a football game and predict a score, wow you are so naive to the yt scene.

  5. Then how do you know if the content is easy to make? If you watched all of his videos you’d know he’s got alot going on atm and he’s not having the best time with FIFA.

  6. Who wants to bet fifa 12 UT coins on the PS3. We can bet 5k-10k. leave a comment if you want to bet. I bet that Portugual will win.

  7. LMAO you’re an idiot.. Netherlands is a terrible opponent huh? 2 goals and an A+ preformance with 2 shots on the post.

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