11 Replies to “PES 2012 Euro 2012 Match 7: France vs England (Group D) at Donbass Arena, Donetsk”

  1. gamefront. com/files/21720351/dt07.img.rar

    Replaces Wembley, unfortunately I have to replace a licensed stadium for the adboards to work.
    Also remove the underscore of any instances of unnamed_2942 and unnamed_2943 in dt07.img (will disable original adboard layout).

  2. Hang on I’m uploading them with the new Donbass Arena stadium that was released yesterday, much better quality than the old one. 99mb, going to take a while to upload.

  3. thanks bro .. just let me know when the adboards are done : D or maybe if you can give me the incomplete version for now ?

  4. pes-patch. com/2010/05/arena-donbass-by-jnny.html

    Adboards are by me, but I’m not done yet.

  5. how did you get the adboards .. link please .. and als o a link for the stadium (Donbass Arena) i really need both of them !

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