1. I agree, that any country could have idiots, of course, Russia, Poland, USA
    etc everybody could have different kind of people and of course you cannot
    say hwo is more agressive, everybody are the same) , just emotional humans
    less or more)

  2. hopefully russia is out early so these pricks can go home and stop
    endangering sane people

  3. Now the every sporting game is turned into war. People be patience its just
    a game to love each other, not hurt.

  4. If behaviour like this happens from fans of a football club. The club
    should be fined and pulled out of the cup. This will certainly stop
    supporters acting like such dicks..

  5. Actions speak louder than words. Should authorities fail to address this
    matter, I am afraid people are going to take law into their own hands.
    That’s how it has always been in Poland.

  6. Today they showes evrywre in TV in all the world how Poles attaked Russians
    many times for nothing, so this video is not important anymore) what ever
    it was

  7. How many times you attacked us? Let’s just focus one one of the recent
    ones. Molotow rings a bell? Your hero Zukow rings a bell? I bet not, cause
    you spent 55 years in russia.You are an older woman, brainwashed but still,
    get your facts straight.

  8. man, really, what the fuck? You post exactly the same thing under every
    video from euro 2012, even if its russia who attacked polish stewards?

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