24 Replies to “Scotland Euro 2012 Preview – Czech Rep and Spain”

  1. Is that why George Osbourne can’t get the oil reserves out quick enough now that the SNP is in power? Windfars? You mean Windfarms. And if you actually paid attention to politics you would’ve known plans are added for more NUCLEAR power stations in England. Yous can’t generate enough from your shitty windfarms. The North winds and coast generate far more. So much infact it’s 25% of the ENTIRE EU capacity. Ohohoho.

    We’ll soon see. 🙂

  2. As for yous sustaining yourselves after we go, you’ll have no resources left. Yous don’t even have clean water in your shitty lakes. Lol. Instead of going green yous will build more nuclear plants for power as it’s us that send surplus into the National Grid whereas by 2050, 100% of Scotland will be powered through renewable energy.

    Not to mention we’ll set our own tax rates and promote companies to come here to pay less than what yous are offering.

  3. I’d like to see some proof on this issue. Because an independent Scotland can’t possibly be in Union you mong. We wouldn’t be part of the UK anymore. We may retain defence and have The Queen remain as head of state. I’m sure there was flags made up on The One Show a few days ago to show how it would look without us part of it. Looked hilarious. Over 50% of the Scottish workforce that works for the UK gov would be moved under the Scottish Gov.

  4. Shittish? C’mon now, at least speak English George. People might understand you. 😉

    Ahahaha. Trooololololololol.

  5. Wales aren’t incorporated on the Union flag you spastic. And yes it will obviously change if we aren’t in Union anymore. The blue and diagonal white will be removed.

    Someone seems to forget that Scotland has been feeding the treasury in London to £13 billion a year (For 40 years) in oil revenue, or how Scots make up 8% of the UK population and raise over 10% of all UK tax revenues. Bankrupt? I highly doubt it wee man. We’ll sit on our mountains and watch yous fall to shit.

  6. Ahaha. Enjoy my page did you? 😉

    Bitterness? I think not. It’s already been proved you’re the bitter one on a Scottish vid. And you’re correct for once, sooner we get independence the sooner we can disassociate ourselves from you lot. Oh yes, I’m obsessing about England so much I can’t wait till my country cuts the ties with it. Mongo. Lol.

    Also, enjoy waving the Union flag of Engerland & NI. Should look fantastic. Loooool.

  7. I was actually reffering about the World Cup, not the Euro’s. But aye, hope we make 2012 but if not I won’t feel the need to write “Scotland you should be ashamed” over St Andrews flag like little Englanders done on St George’s flag when yous failed to qualify for the Euro 08. “ENGLAND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED”. How great yous are when it comes to supporting your team. And if Scotland don’t make it and yous do, I’d rather watch Big Brother than yous lot. Lollll.

  8. Bitter? I’m not the one hoping onto England videos and bad mouthing them am I? Who’s the real bitter one here son. 🙂

    And where we can acknowledge we aren’t the greatest team by any stretch of the imagine, yous seem to think yous are. I’m still laughing btw.

    Thank god Germany, a young decent side showed yous up for what yous really are. “The Golden generation”. LOOOOOL.

    Aye, the golden generation that was out-classed by a bunch of 20 year old Germans. ENG-ER-LAND!!

  9. Step 12 – Let’s all laugh at England’s World Cup campaign.

    Step 13 – Let’s laugh even more how they couldn’t even beat the USA ( A country that cares more about Basketball)

    Step 14 – The EPL is a money league full of foreign talent with little to no Eng-er-landers representing each team. (Then they wonder why the National team is shit. Looool.)

    Step 15 – I laugh.

  10. Step 7 – England reaches major tournament

    Step 8 – England loses to any team with an ounce of pedigree and go home with a million excuses.

  11. scotland are a national disgrace – craig levien and his rangers team in disguise need shot – replace them all

  12. For some vids from the crowd of the Scotland Spain game, see my channel page 🙂

  13. @ScotlandMaleGlasgow I think so as well, or he’s saving him for Spain. Might even be using as a super sub to come on if things aren’t going to plan 20mins to go. I’m fairly happy with the rest of the squad though. Glad Dorrans is getting a game.

  14. Scotland match day preparations: 1. Play ‘Flower of Scotland’ all day throughout the house.

    2. Wear Scotland top (shorts are optional) all day, no matter where you have to go.

    3. Get some Tennents in the fridge.

    4. Watch a braveheartlynch video.

    I’m definitely ready for tonight.

  15. hahahahah the commentators jesus he sounds like hes going to cry or like hes beeen kicked somewhere painfull lol

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