10 Replies to “Czech Republic Vs Italy- 22/6/2006 Group stage”

  1. Italy were a GREAT TEAM dont get me wrong, but Brazil should have won 2006 world cup they had all the superstars, + If Zidane was on longer that would have made a difference but that Matterazzi scumbag dives and cheats like a big baby, Brazils better then Italy and France put together, its just that Ronaldinho didnt have the right mentality

  2. Спасибо тебе большое за твой канал – пересматривать эти игры достовляет мне огрoмное удовольствие! (написала бы на стене канала, но её нету).

    Thank you for your channel! It’s a great pleasure to re-watch these games!

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