25 Replies to “Sweden 2:3 Czech Republic”

  1. Why wouldn’t he? It’s like when Czechs cheer for the opponents of Slovakia sometimes. Nothing more than friendly neighborly rivalry 🙂

  2. @Oranssi1123 who cares about Karjala cup? Gold in world championship is the important thing. czechs got 6 since 1996

  3. No, je vidět, že finský komentátor na nás trochu ujíždí. Vedle téměř neosobních jiných cizích komentářů je to jak hlt finské vodky.

  4. ale no tak holt nam tu společnou řeč pokazili staří
    Babiloňané no 😀 tím že něčemu nerozumím to neznamená že je to hnusný

  5. since year 1993 when Czechs split up with Slovakia… Czechs wins 7 gold medals at World Championships from these medals was 3years. year by year 1999,2000,2001 Gold Hattrick!!! WoW. Then 1 silver medal and 3 bronz medals. so in last 17 years Czech win 10 medals at WCH…by the way they also win Oympic Gold in 1998 and bronze in 2006!!!I just want to say Czechs are very good

  6. And Russian lost in the final! Czech are WCH 2010 !!!!!
    How sweeeeeeet to see Russians beaten
    in the final!!!!!!!! Go Czechs!!!!!

  7. Yeah u dont have to worry about finland cause they will never win anything big like an Olympic gold.

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