25 Replies to “Sweden vs. Czech Republic (Preliminary Round) IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup 2010”

  1. @willzer1995 No, you are retarded … 8 seconds is lucky but penalty
    shotouts isn t lucky ! 😉

  2. @jarlRiess omg you are retarded its 8 sekonds left sweden leeds with 2-1
    its just lucky. you bitch!!

  3. @MinniBlu dono about the history long time ago but right now sweden is
    allot better than them. they only have one star and that is Jager

  4. You lost, we won. Stop being such a sore loser like the canadians, and deal
    with it. Idiot.

  5. @willzer1995 : Sweden is indeed very good, but if you look at ice hockey
    history, sweden can hardly be given more credit than Czech Republic!

  6. @willzer1995 :PPP Kiss my ass You frustrated Swede! “Just lucky”? And what
    about penalty shootouts? What about game statistic? Czechia is better than
    Sweden – get used to it.

  7. Hard luck Sweden, im sorry for that, i wished that the Final will be
    Finland VS Sweden its more exiting

  8. amazing escape, I like Jaromir Jagr and czech team, but hope the’ll be 2nd
    because I’m from Russia. 🙂 But gl anyway.

  9. @willzer1995-Czechs are simply better, and always will be than the Swedes!
    We Czechs, you’re nothing!GO CZECH GO!!

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