25 Replies to “2010 FIFA World Cup (Wii) England vs. Czech Republic”

  1. @Mega95Jorge si esta en espanol incluso los comentaristas, todo esta en
    espanol excepto las canciones :p

  2. why couldn’t robert green do that in the actual world cup 2010 instead he
    did crap and got us knocked out of the world cup

  3. @jimmyneutron017 Has you got wii? and compare ps3 to wii. Nintendo sold
    79.9 millions consoles WII , but ps3 only 49 millions. so STFU and dont
    watch videos on YT about wii cuz u r spammer

  4. Wii is beast but me and my dad but Xbox to play this because he always
    rattled the remote so he always shot and he got pissed all the time 😛

  5. @yasir1401 Are you spamming? There isn’t a PC version. Even if there was
    the graphics would look way better than this. Though I will admit I’m
    thinking of getting a fifa game because they do move mechanically in PES,
    unlike the motion captured animations in fifa and the well directed
    cutscenes (of years past).

  6. I have this game but I don’t know if there is the possibility of playing
    the qualifucatuon. Help?

  7. Its for the people that cant afford the expensive consoles i own i wii i
    should know

  8. @mariofckart I agree with you The Wii Version is so Fun and cooler than the
    PS3 or Xbox Version 1 Gameplay is fun 2 The Zakumi Dream Team is Super 3
    The Global Elimination with friends is so fun

  9. Why is it when I go on the wii and attempt to play online, it says that I
    get an error code 20110, which means that the Wifi is not supported for the
    game? I don’t see others with the same problem. I tried erasing the data
    blocks on the Wii but it did nothing. Please help, I wanna play :0

  10. @jimmyneutron017 Haha. Do you think that people will stop buying it, just
    because you said it? Ha ha ha ha! Oh wow… xD Just get over it, Wii is
    better than XBOX/PS3. 🙂

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