25 Replies to “Canada – Czech Republic, World Cup 2004 Semifinal”

  1. I really wish there could be some kind of tournament apart from the Olympics that are best vs best like every 2 years instead of 4 years. Quite frankly anyone who takes IIHF standings seriously is a moron. Playing ‘The World Championship of Hockey ‘ without The Worlds Best Players – is Much Alike Playing ‘The World Series of Poker’ Missing a few Aces…Kings…Jacks… Cannot play a World Series without all The Pieces…

  2. lecavalier celebrating his goal right here is my desktop computer wallpaper right now

  3. I want next World cup! For me this was more exciting tournament than the olympics, because it opened the season, all teams were really in their full strenght (for the olympics, every time are some guys injured) and all teams had a couple of weeks (I believe) for training in their summer camps. Hope for a new tournament like this, but perhaps with more teams. For example every 5 years, 10-12 best teams following the world ranking, NHL would start two weeks later. It would be exciting for all fans

  4. I wanna see some type of tournament every 2 years or something, where every team sends ITS BEST.

  5. Best hockey game i’ve ever seen. Luck was on Canada’s side all night long…

  6. WOW this game looks like it was awesome I am going to see if i can find a copy of it on ebay.

  7. As the Czech head coach Ruzicka said after the match, hockey from a different planet.

  8. I am Czech, am not dirty, I guess I can speak English pretty well. You know, for every little nation it is a special motivation to beat stronger country – in hockey it’s Russia and Canada, in football f.e. Germany. It doesn’t matter. Every Czech guy who has ever heard the word hockey knows, that Canada is one of the best teams. So is Czech team. I guess respect on both sides is not a bad thing.

  9. You are clown, man … you know nothing about czechs. CZE vs CAN … 22:9 for the czechs …. just look at stats for the last 20 years. And doesn’t matter on your rosters or kind of tournament … if canada meet czechsthen canada probably loose even with the best of NHL league. Just the stats. Accept the fact.
    Sorry mate 🙁

  10. nobody in Canada really gives a fuck about the world championships watered down talent waste of time tourney just saying…

  11. Your attempt at an English insult really hurts, keep it up tough guy. Now, go take a shower you dirty fucking Czech.

  12. keep dreaming, maple asshole, Canada and Czech Republic are equaled on international level. I wouldn’t be afraid to confront any Czech team against the best Canadian one.

  13. What is up with all these dirty Czechs? Canada is one of the best countries for hockey teams. Quit your fucking bitching and accept the fact that you lost. Cry some more.

  14. @chrisconnell well clearly ur retarded and should hang himself bcuz the shots ended up being 42-35 for canada and canada was in the czech zone for atleast half the game…kill urself and dont watch hockey anymore

  15. best match ever, i remember, how we got back to the match with goal, 6 second after Canada’s goal in the 3rd period.

    But in OT V. Lacavalier ended this amazing match. I swear, i will definitely remember his name to the end of my life …

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