24 Replies to “Unites States vs Czech Republic 2006 FIFA World Cup”

  1. so crazy the US was ranked 5th best team on the planet coming into this tournament
    European WCs are so much more fun to watch cuz you can tell the crowd is WAAAY into the game

    anyway, excellent match from the Czechs, I think
    Grade A ass kicking here

  2. WHATA GOAL BY ROCISKY…too bad he can’t replicate that at Arsenal anymore

  3. That was the last strong game from our national team on final tournament ( then WC 2006 lost to Ghana and Italy, Euro2008 sucked, WC2010 weren’t even there) …

  4. trademark Koller goal! Check out my Euro 2008 highlight package of Czech Republic!

  5. Watching Eddie Pope try to defend Koller is like watching Nate Robinson trying to defend Shaq…it’s a major mismatch

  6. i had great expectations from that team(2004-6),unfortunately they didnt meet up.man,they were amazing they deserved to reach at least the quarter or the semi’s as well as in euro 04 they were unquestionably the best team.hope czech rep will come back soon with new well promising footballers!

  7. Yeah you right. But you know these things as diving in penalty area are trained since a young age. But i got your point. Fault of Referee.

  8. The replay show there is contact with the scotland player, your player admitted this too the scottish media.

    Our point is the two incidents were the same in every way yet the referee chooses to see the two incidents completely differently when they were only seconds apart. I don’t understand how he has done this in his head.

  9. It’s okey . That Diving from Rezek was horrible. But to be fair your player try it too, i think.

  10. There was penalty on both sides who didn’t give the penalty is the REFEREE.
    Very bad game from both sides, you played better against France, the Czechs are done without Koller and Nedved, UEFA sucks look at mourinho, and Barcelona dives too watch it on youtube, sorry life isn’t fair.

  11. I may have gone slightly too far I don’t hate the czech republic as a country but I do hate your football team…

    The czech FANS i met were nice people….

  12. The czech player dived end of story, he admitted it. then a minute later a scotland player is genuinely fouled in the box and the referee books HIM for diving???? Explain….

    This was a big chance for us to get to a finals the tartan army deserve it but when we don’t fuck ourselves up the referee’s do it for us. it’s frustrating.

  13. Who’s cheating was Henry with his hand he kicked him in the leg so there was foul, you should got foul too but that’s the referees mistake, the Dutch referee was with Czechs lol


    If in doubt cheat your way out…

    You Disgust me….

    From scotland.

  15. to byly časy.. když se na to teď s odstupem času dívám, mám co dělat abych zabránil slzám, takhle dobří už asi zase dlouho nebudeme..

  16. Damn it, where are those times of football in our Czech Republic.. i miss this

  17. my last comments in reference to the comments. Not the video. Thanks for posting this. Rosicky in his prime!

  18. Holy shit is this a racist soccer/football fan exclusive video >.<... Absolutely pathetic

  19. 2 seconds was all it took to remind me how horrid Dave O’Brien was at calling football. ::shudder::

  20. remember when kasey keller used to be the usa’s goalie……..shameful that is.

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