24 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Czech Republic (Euro 2012) | FULL HD”

  1. You know, I’ve never met someone quiet as dumb as you. I started trolling by saying Messi was “Spanish” because you know, there’s always one dumbass who can’t tell your trolling and actually responds. You’ve taken dumbass to a whole new level. You’r so mad not the troll is no longer funny. But nevertheless, troll successful. UMAD?

  2. Seriously, i give up with this dumbass nerd….. I never meet someone so persistive and stupid. Oh noo wait, im gonna show you a video of Messi playing in argentina national football team. /watch?v=IKyubnRdvXY

    What are you gonna say now? That he plays for Spain national team? I dare you, if you do, i promise you that i will find your house and im gonna rape your mother in front of you…

  3. Lol only a dumbass thinks Messi is from Argentina. He lives in Barcelona, he plays for Barcelona. He speaks SPANISH. He’s from Spain.

  4. Only a child can think messi is spanish……
    Im not going to lose time with you my son.
    Website: en . wikipedia . org /wiki/Lionel_Messi

    Just check on the first line, it says messi is an argentine football player.
    Below you can see that is national team is Argentina. He played 73 games for argentina and scored 28 goals.
    I dare you now to respond me that messi plays for spanish national team

  5. Im talking like these because you deserve it, i don`t give a fuck about your age or your mother. Why do you make people discuss with you? Do you have fun with that? That´s fkin imature, you are a imature litle boy.
    Messi plays for Argentina. If you don`t understand this, next time i go to your house to fuck your mother, i will explain it to you…

  6. If I was 5 years old (which you assume) and you’re talking to a 5 year old this way, that makes you a no life scum piece of shit.

  7. Are you doing this on porpuse? Are you stupid, retarded or mentally hill??
    Do you have a life? I bet your a 5 yrs old kid or something, you must leave in a gangster neighborod and your mum must be prostitute.
    Seriously, you r makking yourself look like a fool. Did your mum had an abortion? I think you are what it lefted, thats why you have mental problems.

  8. OMG your the one who is dumb, do you know what´s a “National Team”?

    Messi club is Barcelona, Barcelona is from Spain, Messi plays in Spain´s territory, but in international competitions for the Argentina National Team because he was born in Argentina and is Argentinian -.-

  9. I love this video.
    Congrats to the Czech Republic, they were so hard to beat, and gave such a fight, your goalkeeper is a legend!

  10. just dont respond hes doing it for attention hes laughing at you behind his shitty ass 1998 windows 5 crank up computer

  11. Are you just being dumb on purpose to get the other guy mad or are you actually stupid?

  12. Man you are all fucked up, you don`t know shit about football.

    If Ronaldo is born is portugal, he can only plays for the portuguese national team
    If messi is born in Argentina, he can only plays for Argentina
    If roney is born in England, he can only plays for England
    If Buffon is born in italy, he can only play for italy
    If Daniel ALves is born in Brazil, he can only play for Brazil

    But there is and exeption, if a player plays on a diferent counrty for 4 years, he can adquire that nationality.

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