25 Replies to “Euro 2012 Career | Russia V.S. Czech Republic | EP01 FT. WelshDragonDsG (FIFA 12)”

  1. U gotta respect Russia for their win! Poland was raping Greece, then Greece
    came back, and Poland cudn’t but them back down. The Czech’s came back as
    well, but Russia didn’t let nerves get to them and they put the Czech’s
    back in their place. That’s what i respect the most ! 😀

  2. I’m getting sick of those people how think Czech is same as russian or
    Czech doenst exit or Communist are here all over in europe , THERE IS A
    ———————— FOR ALL USA stupid people , you should read this.

  3. Woops sorry, looked at the wrong list. I just remembered seeing Arshavin
    and then I looked at the list again (the wrong one ofc), and yeah 😛

  4. Nice episode dan! Any else watching could you help my channel out and check
    out my Fifa 12 manager mode series!

  5. Hey…am I the only one having problems with the EA server network(too slow
    and the players move like dummies even playing with the so call big teams
    like Barcelona and real Madrid etc, etc…)

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