25 Replies to “Netherlands v Czech Republic – Korfball World Championships 2007”

  1. lets not forget holland kind of dominate a sport called field hockey, oh
    and speed skating, oh and wait didnt they also make the semi’s of the
    baseball world cup? yeah holland are pretty crap :/

  2. Because in football they are really weak you know… They only finished
    second 🙁 What a loosers…

  3. I just found out about this sport a minute ago after looking through the
    Olympic Sports list…wow

  4. i love sport, i didnt even know this game existed until 10 minutes ago im
    from wales im going to go and find a club! 😀

  5. style wise, there isn’t a great difference between this and basketball, but
    the real difference is the teams. It is coed. 4 guys 4 girls, i think. That
    is what makes it so freakin hard, the girls lol.

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