17 Replies to “Euro 2012: Portugal vs. Czech Republic, Cristiano Ronaldo scores”

  1. Portugal have a chance to take it all as I have hoped but to make that road
    easier hopefully France can upset Spain.. The Golden Boot depends on who
    makes it farther between Ronaldo & Gomez, if Ronaldo and Portugal can get
    to the Final match then I think he wins it

  2. Denmark was what? Seriously… LOL. Denmark was outplayed and if it wasn’t
    for Ronaldo worst performance ever with Portugal Jersey, it would have been
    4-0 before the Danish comeback. Meireles hand ball? Really? Dude, trying to
    find excuses in that is really lame.

  3. Portugal, despite the wins, have been EXTREMELY unlucky. Against Germany
    they missed 3 or 4 goals in the last 25 minutes. Denmark, Ronaldo missed 2
    easy goals who would have killed the game and increased the numbers.
    Against Holland, it was the greatest festival of missed chances i ve seen
    in the Euro. This game, once more, a lot bad luck with Ronaldo hitting the
    post twice (4 times already this euro??!!!)… I think that Portugal HAVE
    to be lucky sometime. Winning being unlucky is not easy.

  4. Happened approximately in the 27th minute. He was the last man and couldn’t
    get the ball, so he used his hand. The Danish striker would have been
    through. Why don’t you just watch the game since you didn’t catch it? I’m
    even telling you when it happened in that game. Only reason the Portugirls
    made it through the group is because the Danes got cheated and the Dutch
    were horrible. The Portugirls are huge cheaters. Cristina, Nani, and others
    all dive and then they’re pretty dirty also.

  5. Check the Portugal vs Denmark game in the 27th minute. Meireles misses the
    ball and then stops it deliberately with his hand. The Danish player would
    have been through, so it should have been a red card. Check it before you
    start talking about things you know nothing about.

  6. Bad news for Portugal fans. Ronaldo has picked up an injury while
    masturbating furiously over his own reflection.

  7. Could have been 3-0 or 4-0. 2 balls to the post from CR7 and Petr Chech is
    a great goalkeeper.

  8. Do you even know anything? Denmark got cheated big time against the
    Portugirls. Just take a look at the Meireles hand ball, which was
    intentional. He was the last man! Yet this stupid ref only dished out a
    yellow. They finished 2nd in the group and got to play against the sorry
    Czechs that had a negative goal difference! I think the Portugirls have
    already been lucky enough.

  9. If CR7 increases to his potential “a la Real Madrid”, Gomez won’t have a
    chance but I prefer CR7 playing for the team first, let him worry about own
    goals later. In fact that’s why Real Madrid was champion this year. CR7
    played more to the group.

  10. Denmark got cheated???? ha ha ha – Denmark was dominated by Portugal and so
    was Netherlands and Czech. Germany was even with Portugal with most
    regards, until Gomez took a shot that bounced off Moutinho’s shoulder and
    deflected into the goal, ending in 1-0; very close match. You are
    delusional. I’m Italia fan, but I can admit that Portugal and Germany are
    tied for best teams this tournament. Spain is 3rd and they need to improve,
    then I will put my Italia 4th.

  11. Keyword “if”, he has it in him we all know that, it might come out in the

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