Latvia managed to hold Czech Republic on draw in their 5th Euro qualifying game

Latvia managed to hold Czech Republic on draw in their 5th Euro qualifying game yesterday. That kept them at the second last position in Group A above Kazakhstan.

Czech Republic also remained no. 1 in the group despite getting only one point.

If somebody had offered a draw to Latvia at the start of the proceedings, they would have gladly taken it considering how they had been playing.

The draw was a surely a success from their point of view, but, the Czech would be gutted. They would feel they should have continued their winning streak against an out of form side.

Latvia had secured a couple of draws ahead of this fixture, but, they seemed to have no chance against the Czech.

It was not only because of the form, but, also because of the quality that the Czech had.

However, in Football, it’s not about the quality, it’s about performance and one will have to say that on that particular night, Latvia was on par with the Czech.

The Czech perhaps tried to play with a little more innovation. They were looking to win big. Latvia, on the other hand, was pretty happy waiting for the errors of the opposition.

The counterattacking ability that some of the Latvian players showed, it was wonderful to see.

During the set pieces too, Latvia was brilliant. There was no sense of panic in their game whatsoever.

It’s only the finishing which let Latvia down slightly. If it had been better, they could have even won the game.

However, coming from a loss by a margin of 6 goals, it was a great recovery.

Talking about the Czech, they are only one point clear at the top now with Iceland approaching fast with 12 points.