Apart from the Brazilian Ronaldo, it is hard to find any striker who had frequent injury problems yet remained to be relevant at the highest level of the game.

Danny Welbeck just got injured again. This time, his hamstring and it hard to imagine him having any meaningful Premier League season before he eventually retires.

Getting cut short from your endeavors due to factors you cannot control yourself always sucks and this remains the most frustrating part of any footballer to have the misfortune or=f watching his career go through ups and downs through no fault of his own.

As if reminiscing the summary of Danny’s career so far, the former Arsenal striker was subbed off four minutes into Saturdays encounter with Spurs, cutting short his involvement in an otherwise entertaining encounter and also putting the rest of his season on the jeopardy of the treatment table.

When you have a fragile weapon in your arsenal, you might as well get as much robust substitutes as many. Other Kindle tells you not to worry about having to search for any book to read without seeing it, it still wouldn’t hurt to have a library full of hard copies.

The January transfer window is coming and given Danny Welbeck’s past and his current present, Watford will be more than happy to add a striker to their ranks even if the only thing he does is not to get injured. Although finding one is hard to come by these days, they have no choice but to try.

Watford sit at the bottom of the Premier League table with almost half of the season’s games played. An injury prone, not very reliable striker is the last thing they would need and it’s hard to wrap one’s head around who came up with the idea that buying Danny in the first place was a smart thing to do.