25 Replies to “EURO 2012 Qualifier – Czech Republic vs. Scotland”

  1. Made the mistake of going down the road to Eden, home of Slavia Prague, to watch the match. Craig Brown’s 4-6-0 formation, Rosicky and Hubschmann’s play-acting (even surpassed by Jan Rezek’s last-minute dive for the pen at Hampden) were all factors in making this probably the worst match I have seen in my 50 years. The one positive to comment on was the vociferous and good-humoured support offered by the Scottish fans.

  2. Video referee – Successful testing Premier league Czech Republic, second year.
    video clip for youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1eaGTrTMb50

  3. @258mikeyMolestation and i have’nt seen Czech republic in a big competition for years..so..))

  4. the state of the world at the moment,earthquakes, tsunamis, Lybia, the recession…scottish football…

  5. cheers fella and your team England doing the business again… i live in England and always shout for them too 🙂

  6. – you call paying 8% “paying for the television station”? Ignoring the fact that most of the qualifiers are on sky, are you really that delusional to think that the BBC couldn’t survive with the other 92%? And that’s if we even accept your unsourced figures in the first place. Typical jock with a tray of chips on his shoulder

  7. As long as we pay for the television station you watch your team on. Has it ever occurred to you that this posting is a Scotland game? Maybe you can tell me why, for this game and every game, the commentator is English. Why do we pay 8% of the licence fee for the BBC, yet receive only 4% of the networked representation?

    Anyone but England while England live off our backs.

  8. Oh well – never mind scotland. You can always occupy your time next year by doing your usual “anyone but england” bollocks.

  9. I bet mate, I’m English and obviously wanted you to win, being British and all, couldn’t believe the ref, he didn’t have a fucking clue! Nice to see Fltcher back though!

  10. gutted m8… what a joke….. never mind how the czecks kicked us off the park

  11. You Scots got fucking robbed by a fucking useless Dutch ref today, a penalty that shouldn’t have been, and one that should, football can be a cunt.

  12. He has no intention to,and singed a new 5 year deal.He can prove himself in Europe again hopefully.If Rangers get past Martibor.The guys happy palying in the champions league.OK it never happened again for us this year.But there is few keepers in the UK like him,that have shut out Barcelona.Good to see on his C.V.Most teams in EPL would be lucky to have him.I still think that Craig Gordon,is a better keeper than him.And I am a Rangers fan.Gordon is better coming for cross balls.

  13. Familiar story for Scotland these days. I think Alan McGregor is World Class or at least has the potential to be. He plays in the SPL, one of the worst leagues in the world. If he went to an English PL side he could be much better.

  14. Seems to me like Scotland’s keeper did reasonably well; he just wasn’t getting enough support from his defense.

  15. If you’re English, why are you not able to speak the language?
    It’s something I see quite often with Brits, absolutely Rubbish at their own language. =[

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