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  1. Dude, I’m not about to discuss anything with one who is ill enough to offense opponent staring from the first phrase.

  2. Of coarse we blame weak lineups. Many Canadians don’t even know when the WC is going on, and our top players are in the playoffs. Many players don’t even accept WC roaster invitations (just look at our roaster for this year). Only failure countries like yours who can only win playing against gimped lineups actually care about the WC. Olympics > Stanley Cup > WJC > WC.

  3. 5:07 …. Did someone noticed, that there was only one russian who put his hands up, and was happy for a goal? Rofl, I laugh really hard for that 😀

  4. Yeah, I may have said some bad things about your team in the past, but in the end I actually realize you are pretty much just doing your job and love the game like us.

    Many people complaing that you play too physical but at least there is no arrogance steaming out of you so far, only competitive spirit. Unlike…again, the canadians. 😛

  5. The grotesque moment it was after both of their precious teams fully equipped with their best players failed to reach semis in Turin and NHL declared they may stop giving allowance to players for OG next to Vancouver.WTF I would say? Only greed and arrogance or a bit of fear as well?
    In this matter I respect some of Russian players(sorry I dunno if some Czechs joined them)with the passion to the game valuing it more then money who said “fuck NHL, we’re going to play Sochi whether allowed or not”

  6. Yep, I’ve meant almost the same with a bit different point of view. YT does not allow enough characters to finish thought.
    They (players and fans alike) nurse their arrogance which is enough for them to believe themselves strongest in the world no matter they even fail to assemble decent team each WC due to the NHL and players greed. Very convy position I would say. Every loose and they ready to blame weak line-up.Every win and they believe themselves to be Gods winning even with the weak team.

  7. That’s not exactly what I mean

    Some of the canucks are so entitled about the game which makes them arrogant, aggresive and stupid.
    As seen on WCH 96, 2005 or 2010 where they had to start a fight everytime they were losing.
    And frankly, the funniest thing is that they claim WCH don’t matter, but Olympics do. So why start fights over such “non-important” matches then?

    Also, remember how Boston defeated Vancouver for the cup – The fucking entire city rioted afterwads, canadians are sore losers 😀

  8. I’m not talking about loose of Yemelin dude, we’ve lost precious 5 mins in the third right when it mattered most. After this team passed no-return point.
    There were times when Czech team was stronger then Russian but not this time. You right we have had three best players in the world Datsyuk, Malkin and Radulov in the team and gen-ly we looked much stronger though a bit overconfident. Admittedly Czech team was more determined for the victory same time.
    Canadians prefer money to the game agree.

  9. Dude, stop pretending like Yemelin would made a big fucking difference in the game.

    You had Datsyuk, Malkin, Ovechkin and Fedorov.
    The only big stars we had were a guy who was nearing 40 years, Plekanec and Vokoun at most. You can’t “fake” a victory, you are simply better or you’re not.

    That being said, I still prefer games againts Russia instead of Canada, since they have this arrogant self-entitelment complex about the game.

  10. Anything might be said on this game but ‘czechs were better’ though I agree with you Ovechkin ruined game as well as the one before. Russia played definitely better until he arrived.
    Nevertheless if Yagr was played like a man, not a woman and did not fake his injury there would probably not game-misconduct of our defender. I respect his talent but there’s nothing to respect in his character.
    Czechs ‘faked’ this victory. Russia was much stronger.

  11. I also remember the game. Ovechking crashed into Fedorov like a sack of shit and we scored afterwards 🙂

    No hard feelings. Both teams were obviously skilled, but czechs were simply better.

  12. Aye, I remember that game. That was when Jagr got trashed and then was crying like a baby.

  13. datsyuk, malkin, kovalchuk, ovechkin, kozlov on a 5 on 3, that’s scary shit!!

  14. Don’t be mad we destroyed.

    On the other hand, cry some more :DD

  15. And yet we totally destroyed you at WC 2011 and took even the fucking bronze from you.

    Get lost you ugly mudak, even Viktor Tichonov himself thinks your current hockey representation is a total disgrace :DDD

  16. Because we joined NATO instead of being allies with country that invaded us and occupied us for more than 20 years

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